EPOL IT Privacy Policy

You are on the website of company EPOL IT. Your comfort and trust are important for us. We apply the principles of probity, transparency and accountability. We also respect your right to privacy and recognize the need for ensuring certain standards for handling personal data. This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, what we do with it and for what purpose.
According to the General Data Protection Regulamin 2016/679 from 2016-04-27, we need your consent to personal data and other information collection, processing, storage and dissemination. You can rest assured that we will use your information only in the manner described in our Policy.
On the whole, we collect and process only the information that allows us to provide the services at a high level.
You tell us your name and contact information by sending the messages via our website feedback form or to our employees e-mail addresses. In your appeals and only at your option, you can tell us more information about yourself. We use this information for doing business – negotiating, making commercial offers or sending any other business correspondence, discussing the terms of agreement conclusion and execution. In case you provide incomplete data, we will not be able to contact you for mutually beneficial business goals achieving.
We also get some of your personal data from the companies that are our clients via the services you use. These can be contact information, geolocation, tracking data of your programs and applications. We use this information to recreate the situation in case of a bug or inconvenient usage and analyse it in order to improve our products and services. Most often, to perform such tasks, we use generalized (anonymous or pseudonymous) information about users.
You can be assured that we collect, process and store only a minimum of the information necessary to achieve the goals described above. The personal data we receive are not used for automated individual decision-making, including profiling.
The period of processing and storage of your personal data is exactly as much as that required by the resolution of problems, business management or relevant legislation. Then we delete the data from our equipment or our clients stop the access to their equipment, where your personal data are stored. Unless otherwise specified, we store the information as long as it is necessary and relevant to us to achieve the goals described above or ensure the compliance with our legal obligations to protect data.
All confidential information we receive (including your personal data) is processed with a security level no lower than that is required in the territory of the European Economic Area.
The data are processed on our equipment by our employees or on our clients’ equipment by the services you use. We do not transfer your personal data to third countries or an international organization for further processing.
To protect your data against loss, unlawful use, unauthorized access, disclosure or change, the system of information security management was developed and implemented: organizational, technical and legal measures to preserve confidentiality, which include:

  • Specification of categories of confidential information, which special security measures are applied for. Personal data refer to this information;
  • Obligation of confidentiality signed by all the employees or subcontractors of the company;
  • Control of physical access to the company office, project teams offices and our servers where data are processed, authorization control of access to the information and the principle of restricting access to it depending on the level of confidentiality (“need-to-have principle”);
  • Use of protected TLS channels, Firewall, antivirus programs and licensed software on the company’s equipment that helps to avoid malware infection or data leakage.

Data leakage is unlikely but not impossible. In this case, we undertake to notify you and the relevant authorities of the security incident that occurred in an acceptable way. We also undertake to make all possible efforts to mitigate the effect of such incidents and compensate for the damage.
We provide your personal data to third parties meeting the purposes, in compliance with confidentiality rules and only in the following situations (“need-to-share principle”):

  • Parent company Epol Holding LLC, other founders of the company – for the purpose of doing business and realizing administrative supervision over our company activities, identifying and preventing potentially illegal actions, violation of our policy statement and rules, fraudulent actions and/or breach of data security.
  • The new owners (founders) of our company when the management structure is changed in case of a possible merger with such a person, or if such person plans to acquire a stake in our company or participates in a transaction with a similar financial result. In this case, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure the observance of the provisions of this Policy with respect to your personal data by a new legal entity or other entity. If your personal data are intended to be used for other purposes, we will require a new organization to send you a prior notification.
  • Legal obligations of the company in accordance with national or international law. We may disclose your information to law enforcement agencies, government or authorized third parties in response to a confirmed legitimate request related to prevention of terrorist activities, criminal matters, alleged illegal activity, or in relation to any other activity that may entail legal liability on your part or on our part.

When you visit our company website, we can use Cookies and other tracking technologies for various purposes. That helps us to improve the content and functionality of our website. For example, based on a previous session, the system can store your login status and site preferences and activate the appropriate settings when you start a new session. If you block Cookies and do not allow tracking your actions, you will not be able to access some parts of our website. You can surf our website without sharing your personal data, but we will receive information about your computer or device (for example, IP-address) in order to monitor and improve our website and the service quality.
There are some additional important points that you should be aware of using our tracking technologies (for example, Cookies and HTML5 technologies):
When you contact our website, we ask you to give prior consent to the use of Cookies and tracking technologies. We use the tracking technologies during the session and continuous tracking technologies. Tracking technologies (for example, Cookies) can be constant (i.e. the files used by these technologies are saved in your computer until they are deleted) or temporary (i.e. the files are saved until you close the browser or leave our website). You can always stop using the tracking technologies, if your browser supports this feature. In this case, you can face difficulties while using the website. We recommend you to read the user guide for your browser, browser add-ons or installed applications to get instructions for locking, deleting or disabling tracking technologies such as Cookies. We use secure and encryption-protected tracking technologies so that only we could interpret the information they collect. You can meet tracking technologies / Cookies from third party service providers that we use on our website,  so they could help us to understand better what kind of information you are interested in, for example, Google Analytics and Google Maps. You can also meet tracking technologies on the certain website pages from third parties, for example, our CMS.
In accordance with European regulations related to personal data handling, you have the following rights:

  • right to demand the access to your personal data and certain information about their processing;
  • right to receive the copy of your personal data;
  • right to rectify, erase the data (right to be forgotten), restrict processing your personal data and transmit them;
  • right to object to processing your personal data;
  • right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
  • right to withdraw your consent to process your personal data not influencing the compliance with the right of processing that took place based on that consent before its withdrawal.
Our site can contain links to third party sites. We are not responsible for any privacy practices or content of third party sites.
Our website, products and services are not intended for children under the age of 13. Thus, we do not collect (at least consciously) personal data about the users under the age of 13.
As our products, services are developed or applicable law is changed, we can update our Privacy Policy.
If you still have any questions about our Privacy Policy, write to this email address contact@epol-it.com or use our website feedback form. 
We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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